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Other faculty will be added as the event approaches. Current sponsors for the event include Digital Ignite, makers of the Crowd Wisdom learning platform, Higher Logic, a provider of private online community software, and Classroom, a full-service online education company.

Symposium for Accessible Adult Education

Since its founding nearly 10 years ago, Tagoras has provided expert consulting and advisory services, speaking engagement and informative workshops, and highly regarded, research-based publications. The company's mission is to help continuing education and professional development organizations reach their full potential, in terms of both market share and impact of offerings.

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News in Focus Browse News Releases. Multimedia Gallery. Trending Topics. Business Technology. General Business. Consumer Technology. Diversity and inclusion have become essential to organizational strategy and success, and the expectations of us in the classroom are no different. Drawing upon anti-oppressive practices used in organizational trainings, participants will explore how this framework can support teaching efficacy.

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Specifically, making your content, its delivery, and its application, support adult learners from the classroom to the workforce. Designing an online course carries unique challenges. While the challenges vary between content and available technology, generating original online coursework requires a unique approach characterized by resourcefulness, optimism, and a flexible mindset.

Lifelong learning and skills development: Interview with Sir Alan Tuckett, OBE (long version)

This presentation identifies types of challenges that course designers may face, provides an opportunity for participants to think critically about their own current or potential challenges, and offers both evidence- and experience-based solutions that assist in not only overcoming the challenges, but transforming them into strengths in the delivery of the course material. Engaging Different Types of Learners. What comes to mind when you hear the terms differentiated instruction?

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We know that no matter how we teach, each learner makes sense of the content in varying ways. It is mythical to think we can accommodate the unique needs of every adult learner. Participate in this lively round table discussion busting the myth that differentiated instruction means personalized instruction. Discussion will centered on what differentiated instruction is and is not, how to structure assignments that allow for differentiation, and the role of universal design in differentiated instruction.

Come ready to offer your questions, ideas and experiences regarding differentiated instruction. You know that feeling of sheer exhilaration when a student describes a professional "win" as a direct result of your teaching? This session will help post-traditional educators facilitate more of those moments by analyzing the context, barriers, and connections that contribute to or impede the implementation of these powerful learning experiences.

Like Elvis, students and advisors often feel caught in a trap when addressing degree changes, satisfactory progress, appeals and more. This session focuses on how to engage students so they can better understand navigating institutional policies and practices while also advocating for themselves. Crafted conversations are a tool to engage with students in terms they will understand and in a more efficient manner. Participants will learn about a coaching approach and how to implement it into their practice. This workshop will engage attendees in an arts-based approach to learning, focusing on the work of the Romero Theater Troupe and their fifteen-year record of using Storytelling Theater to engage diverse audiences in a narrative and oral history-centered strategy of connecting learners to the liberal arts.

The first half of this workshop will lead attendees into the theory of Augusto Boal and Paulo Freire, exploring the historical practices of using theater for community organizing and social change. This will also include the value of stories as tools for learning and social activism. The second half of the workshop will engage attendees in the practice of organic theater, offering them an opportunity to tell stories from their experiences and to demonstrate those stories through organic theater. Students with autism spectrum disorders ASDs are attending universities in increasing numbers.

Common legally mandated accommodations e. Indirect support is often provided by members of the university including staff and faculty. The goals of this presentation are two-fold: 1 to describe the neurological, social, and learning differences of young adults with ASD; 2 to share strategies with faculty to support students with ASD. Double-loop learning involves confronting the underlying assumptions and norms that form the basis of any body of knowledge.

ERIC - ED - Lifelong Learning; A Symposium on Continuing Education.,

In an adult learning environment such confrontations can be problematic because they require sustained commitment over time, a motivation to tackle the complex unstructured problems vexing our world such as climate change and social inequality, and a willingness to challenge one's inner map of the world. Although many classes operate at level 1 learning, it is only by creating an environment that supports level 2 learning that students can obtain lasting value from their education.

This session will outline approaches for creating a level 2 class environment that supports deep learning. Skillful, a non-profit initiative of the Markle Foundation with many partners, is working to achieve a skills-based labor market and educating employers on Skills-Based Recruiting and Hiring in Colorado and other states. This session will provide a framework that presents how to skill-set for career progression that aligns with skills-based recruiting and hiring.

Learn the definitions of foundational competencies and occupational competencies for the skill-based job postings. Learn how to equip adults with a self-directed method for upgrading their skill-set throughout their life cycle that will enhance their personal brand with a skill-based resume and cover letter that ensures an interview and provides the preparation and identifies the skills they need to get the job. You work in the "real world" - have you learned anything since you left college that would be considered college level?

If you had to, could you use it to complete a degree in your own discipline? Has your maturing in a job taught you how to learn new things?

Winter School “Comparative Studies in Adult Education and Lifelong Learning”

Adults in today's workforce have significant post-secondary learning that can be demonstrated and evaluated. Perhaps they need to complete a degree to move up at work. If they have limited time and money, and are motivated to be successful, what could you offer them? Gateway math courses such as College Algebra and Statistics are historically some of the highest failed courses on any college campus. This trend has been particularly pungent for adult learners in Statistics. Come discover the SI program FRCC put into place, see the numbers for yourselves on how adult learners are thriving in Statistics when paired with an SI Leader, and explore how your own school could implement a similar program.

Presented by Jenny Haas. Catherine D. Norbeck: Director, Human Resources, Prologis. There is a mismatch between how we are preparing our students for career success and the workplace realities they encounter. Anderson Academic Commons.

University of Denver. Denver CO The Anderson Academic Commons building on the University of Denver campus is designed to encourage collaboration and educational achievement through research, digital media, and technology services. The digital media, research, and computers centers provide faculty with the tools to enhance student learning by incorporating innovative technology, multimedia, and interactive learning tools into course designs.

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